Serious time for a new post!

So march is always a very eventful time in our household haha.

We survived our first month in our own place. Still loving our apartment. It's perfect for us. I hope to stay here for a while.

On March 11th we celebrated Tavis' 23rd Birthday. I made him a very amazing cherry cheesecake, which disappeared the second he blew out the candles. We had lots of friends over food, drinks, A Halo tournament and Uno. hahaha. It was a great party.

March 12th was my moms "29th" Birthday. I went and hung with her for the day it was lots of fun I miss not hanging with my mommy has much. Later that night I went to my very dear friend Bryn's Wedding Reception. It was so beautiful I loved it, and her dress was Amazing.

On March 17 Me and Tavis Celebrated our 2 year anniversary of being Together. Our day started off first with going to Lunch at the OG with My mom, My older sister , Her hubby, My older Brother, His wife, and their youngest girl Kaitlynn; To celebrate Our March birthdays which go has follows:
March 11 Tavis
March 12 My Mom
March 13 My Sister in Law
March 15 My Older Sister
March 23 My Niece Kaitlynn
March 27 My Niece Destiny
March 29 My Little Sister
The Last two weren't able to come. I unfortunately could not get a hold of them.

It was great hanging with my family like that. the manager at OG bought us a cake it was awesome. After Lunch Tavis and I began our date, beginning by going to see Alice in wonderland. Such a freaking great movie. Tim Burton is a genius. Then after we came home and hung out here cuddling and watching movies.

This coming Friday on March 26th Tavis and I will also be celebrating Our 6 month Wedding anniversary.

I have pictures from Tavis' birthday and our Anniversary unfortunately we can't find the camera cord so if i do i will be adding Pics.

Much Love