Spring is here

This last week has been one of the best.
Monday was Tavis' 26th birthday and we enjoyed it with a picnic on the living room floor and some Cheesecake to end it off.
Tuesday, Peyton went and played at Grandma's while Tavis and I went to Tucano's for birthday dinner with our dear friends Kimmie and Kevin (It was also Kevin's 21st birthday on Sunday). We had so much fun and enjoyed some playtime at Provo Beach Resort too. It was a great night.
Wednesday was a fairly lazy day before I had to go to work.
Thursday was the best day. It started off an early morning for all of us. We were all up and ready for the day by 9am which is a miracle for Tav and Peyton. I went off to run some quick errands while Tavis and Peyton had breakfast. When I got done Tavis and Peyton met me at the bus stop and we went to the park for several hours to play in the wonderful sun. Then we went on a walk to get some supplies for spring cleaning, came home and had Mac and cheese, followed by some much needed naps by myself and the munchkin. It was my one day off this week and I was really glad I got to spend it with my cute family. After naps we opened the windows and worked on some spring cleaning (which is really hard with a two year old).
Friday I had more work, Which actually was a really awesome night at Blue Rock.
Saturday unfortunately I had Morning sickness most the day, but my night still ended well with the three of us going on a night walk in the nice spring air.
And today is great because it marks 5 years that I have been blessed to have my best friend a constant part of my life. I love you Tavis Darren Albertson!

I am so thankful for all I have. My life is exhausting and I know to some of my friends and family things seem like it's harder, but I have a beautiful healthy 2 year old girl, a little life growing inside of me, a husband who loves me unconditionally, a roof over my head, and work opportunities available to me. I have a God who is loving and full of grace and continues to bless me. I have friends I can always count on. I am extremely blessed, and for all of the hardships I go through I am thankful for all I have.



Peyton is now 26 months old. She is getting so big.

~At her last appointment she was 3 ft tall, and weighs 30 lbs.
~She loves having daddy around to play with all day.
~She is loving all the Toy Story movies and watches them repeatedly through out the day.
~She loves playing with her cars.
~Makes us kiss her stuffed puppy and teddy bear to bed when we put her to bed.
~Her favorite foods are peaches, oatmeal, and spaghetti.
~She always wants to be outside.
~When she can't go outside she likes to sit on the back of our couch and look out the window.
~She loves to take showers
~and Brush her teeth.
~Can count to 7 (but usually skips 1 and 4)
~She can say several words
~She loves to draw
~and Dance
~Her smiles and giggles definitely brightens our days.
~I love coming home and getting a big grin, hug and kiss from her.

Well, can't really think of anything else so i'll end with a pic of this cute girl.


I really should have updated sooner, but life has been so crazy!
2012 was good, we moved into a new apartment, I graduated high school, began and completed college, made amazing new friends, found a birth mom group that has really helped me, I've gotten to know myself better, my husband better, and my daughter better. I heard from someone who I had been waiting along time to hear from, which was definitely a highlight of my year.

2013 has had a great beginning I graduated College, Got a job in my field at my extern site, and found out baby #2 is on it's way. We are all getting super excited.

Really not a whole ton to update on.... Should really get better at this haha. :)