My First Mothers Day

Been thinking a lot about mothers day, and i have mostly been remembering my first mothers day.

It was May 2007, I had placed Daxton 5 months before, and was missing him. My first mothers day was coming up, and I was so unsure of how to feel. Not to mention I was also bummed out that my high school senior prom was the day before mothers day, and I had not been asked to go. At this time I was living with my older sister Jenn, and her two sons. The oldest was 6 and the youngest was a day younger than Daxton. Well one night at dinner, I was relaying all of these feelings to Jenn, who had been such a support to me through my pregnancy. When I told her I was a little bummed I would not be going to prom, her oldest son looked at me, and very calmly and serious like says, "Aunt Whitney, I will take you to prom." Even though I was sure he had no idea what prom was, it melted my heart. I smiled at him and told him no that would be ok, but Jenn on the other hand became super excited. "No, it's perfect! He already has a tux, we'll get you a dress" 
That's how my 6 year old nephew became the best prom date I ever had. I remember Jenn taking me to get my nails done. It was the first time i had ever had acrylic nails, and the little asain guy did a glitter finish on the french tip. I borrowed a really pretty purple dress from my friend brooke, and then Jenn topped it off with getting me a tiara to wear with my dress. On the day of the prom we went to play up the canyon with our prom group. Afterwards we went and got ready, I picked us up a boutinerre and corsage. He was a hit at the dance. I remember him break dancing and everyone enjoying it. Has cheesy and lame has it was having a 6 year old be my date, I had the best night and it really helped me heal and forget for a bit that night the pain.

The next morning was mothers day. I woke up to a wonderful mothers day card from Jenn, I still have it in a box. Just thinking about it now brings a smile to my face.

Jenn you made me feel special and loved. Reminded me that even though I was no longer Daxton's mom I would always be his mother. It was ok to hurt for him cause he would always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful first mothers day. Who have always been there for me, the best sister I could ever ask for. You are definately a mother I look up to and hope to be like. I love you Jenn. 

This year I am celebrating my 7th birthmothers day, which for those who didn't know is a national holiday celebrated the day before mothers day. Honoring all the women who put their children before themselves, making a great sacrifice, and placing a child in a forever family. I miss and love daxton with all my heart, and wish his mom a happy mother's day. 

I am also celebrating my 3rd mothers day, Peyton has been such a wonderful blessing in my life and I am so lucky o be her mom. I cannot wait to meet our newest little one in just 19 weeks. 

My senior prom group (you guys made my night special too)

Daxton (11/2006)

Peyton (12/2010)