Albertson Update

So basically it's been forever since I have updated. Here is what's going on:

We were finally able to move into a 2 bedroom, Unfortunately I feel like it was more of a down grade from our last place rather than an upgrade. So the last like 3 weeks have been moving which is really crazy and I hate it.
I am still going to school and only have like 5 months left to go. :) I also began working at Teavana, I really like it there and especially love the tea. I spend most of my time with school, work and my family. Which is now including my best friend Valerie and her adorable daughter Kenzie. Tavis spends most of his days watching Peyton and Kenzie, during the day while Valerie and I are in school. Valerie has basically become like a sister to me. Tavis has also begun his summer routine of working for the carnival again. Our summer has been really busy but really great.

Our dear little miss Peyton is getting so incredibly big. We have her 18 month appointment coming up soon and I am so excited to see how much she has grown. So with that I will wait to update on her until I update on her 18 month birthday. :)