Albertson Christmas 2011

Last Christmas, Tavis and I spent christmas day in the hospital receiving the best Christmas present ever, our beautiful baby girl, Peyton RaeLynn. :)

We were both so excited to celebrate this year with Peyton. (I will touch more on her birthday in another post).

Our First Family Christmas Tree
Peyton all dressed up for her birthday!
Peyton Opening her Presents

Our Family picture for Christmas 2011 and Peyton's First Birthday!
Tavis, His brother Trevon and their daughters Peyton and Jaylee

The 12 months of Peyton RaeLynn

One Month
Two Months
Three Months
Four Months
Five Months
Six Months
Seven Months
Eight Months
Nine Months
Ten Months
Eleven Months
Twelve Months / One Year Old


Peyton's First Birthday Party!

Hot Chocolate Bar! 
Opening Presents!
Lots of presents!
Her Chirstmas Hippo, She loves dancing with it!
Winter "One"derland Theme
She was so excited about her giant cupcake!
Cleaning up after cake!

It was such a blast to celebrate Peyton's Birthday, Thank you to everyone who came and partied with us.

To Peyton: Happy Birthday, The last year went by so fast and I am so excited to watch you grow up. :) I am so glad to be your mommy.