I Miss You

Tavis is out of town once again... I have decided I really don't like this, Especially now that i am pregnant. These are the conclusions i have come up with about his job, One: He is only home about 2 days every week. Two: I am lonely without him. Three: I get more depressed when he is not here. Four: He is starting to hate it because of the Bull Crap he gets put through every day. Five: His job is a summer job only so he only works May-September, which has me freaked to the max about when the baby comes and i have to take time off and i'm not working and he's not working. ** Just got off the phone with tavis and it gives me reasons Six and Seven: He gets really depressed because of how they treat him like crap and how he misses me, and reason 7 is he misses important things like feeling the baby kick.

Sigh... I don't like him being so far away and so sad, cause it makes me feel so helpless.