Week 4

One Thing I Love ♥ I love hugging my husband and getting hugs from him. I feel so safe when he hugs me, and the way I  fit so perfectly in his arms.

One Thing I Want To Change ♥ I want to change my lifestyle

How I Plan To Change That ♥ I'm already working on it by eating healthier and working out and being generally more productive in my days.


I'm making a change in my life.

It's time for me to grow up a little, and get my life back on track. So these are the goals i've set and the schedule i've made.

★ Eat Healthier. This Means cooking real meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
★ Budget our money better. I am so sick of getting behind on bills. So I am going to start a budget.
★ Build my Faith. Continue reading my One Year Bible, and try harder to make it to church.
★ Build my relationship with Tavis. I'm hoping to do this by family dinners and monthly date nights.
★ Managing my house better. Keeping it in order. Which will hopefully be accomplished with my new schedule.
★ Which concludes my list with getting Peyton and I on a steady schedule.

How My Schedule will look: 

7 am- get up and get ready
- get Peyton up, ready and feed
8 am- get Tavis up
- get breakfast ready
9 am- get Tavis off to work
- clean up breakfast
- tummy time with Peyton
 11 am- feed Peyton and put her down for a nap
- do daily cleaning job
Noon- lunch time
1 pm- get Peyton up
2 pm- feed Peyton
3 pm- go for walk
4 pm- Peyton nap
5 pm- pick up the house
- start dinner
6 pm- feed Peyton
- eat dinner
7 pm- clean up dinner
9 pm- put Peyton to bed
10 pm- go to bed.

My Daily Cleaning:

Monday - Living Room
Tuesday - Bathroom
Wednesday- Kitchen and Dishes
Thursday- Laundry
Friday- Bedroom

I really hope to get my life in order, and I hope this all helps. Time for me to grow up a little. 


Week 3

One Thing I Love :: I love my best friend, my husband, Tavis Darren Albertson. I appreciate all that he does for me and Peyton. He is always there for us.

One Thing I Want To Change :: Our finances, Keeping on top of our bills.

How To Change It :: Learn how to budget our money better.


Mothers day

[Me & My Mommy 03.12.11]

[My Mom, Me, & My Mother In Law 09.26.09]

[Becoming a "mother" the first time 11.15.06]

[Becoming a Mom to Peyton 12.25.10]

This year I got to celebrate my first real Mothers day and Tavis made sure to make it real special. Although it was still a bitter sweet day for me. I love that I get to be a mom to Peyton and sometimes wish I could be a mom to Daxton. With that said I need to say a Thank you to Jamie for being such a wonderful mom to Daxton and I am so happy he has such an awesome family, I'm glad i can be his birthmom. I'm glad I get to be Peyton's mom.

Tavis started off by making me breakfast, it was really good until we got a little bit of food poisoning haha. Tavis got me flowers for the first time in our 3 year relationship, and a mothers ring with Peyton's birthstone. Unfortunately it needs to be sized so I don't have it yet. Peyton gave me the gift of rolling over for the first time. I laid her on her tummy and stepped into the bathroom real fast to fix my hair and when I came back she was on her back. I was so sad I missed it. Soooo..... I rolled her back to her tummy and encouraged her to roll back over onto her back. Loved it. It was such a good mothers day.

Now I want to thank my mom for all that she has done for me in my life. For teaching me to stand up for myself, and fight for what I believe in. For standing by me and my decision to place Daxton for adoption even though you did not agree with it. Thank you for doing all you could for me with what you had. I have so many good memories with you. I love it. Thanks momma, I love you.

Thank you to my mother in law Cindy, For raising my amazing and wonderful husband Tavis. Thank you to my sister Jenn for Setting a wonderful motherly example. Thank you to all the moms in my life for showing me what it means to be a mom. 


Bigger and Bigger yet

I can't believe my little girl is getting to be my big girl. Peyton is already 4 months and so big. She weighs 16 lbs 9 oz putting her in the 96th % of weight, She has gained 6 pounds in 2 months and 8 since being born. She has also grown 5 inches since she was born, and is now 25.7 inches long and in the 93rd % for length. Which brings me to a random thought when does length turn into height??? just wondering.

Anyway she is now nearly sitting completely on her own ^ (see pic) ^
She can also reach, grab, and hold toys
She can roll from her back to side and almost to her stomach
She also has one of the most adorable giggles, smiles, and screams. haha.

She is great and I adore the personality she is getting. I adore this little girl. :)

Easter and Blessing


Peyton was blessed today by her Grandpa Albertson, Surrounded by her Uncle Trevon, Matt Clark, and Scott Thomas. It was such a beautiful and heart warming blessing. She did very well with being quite and still during the blessing but the second it was over she did not want to sit still.

I am so thankful to know God and have him in my life. To know his grace and have his words to guide my life. Thank you for your son who died for my sins so that I may one day be forgiven and so that i may be in heaven with you again. Thank you for blessing my life in so many ways. For blessing me with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter. Thank you.

Easter & Family Pics

I am so lucky to have such a great family, And this is them. The day before Easter I organized for all of us to get together and get some family pics. Now my family hasn't done family pictures since I was 11. It was really great and next year will be better. First off (top left) is my older Brother Casey and his 4 girls, Kenedee, Makayla, Katelynn, and Madison. Then (top right) is my older Sister Jennifer, Her husband Steve and their 3 boys, Parker, Kaden, and Gavin. In the bottom right is my little Sister Courtney, Her Husband Curtis and their 3 kids, Brady, Destiny, and Bethany. Lastly (bottom left) is Myself, Tavis and Peyton. (My parents were unable to make it)

(first pic of all of us together in 12 years)

Before taking pics I also arranged an easter egg hunt for all the nieces and nephews which was a lot of fun. Here are some pics from that.