Easter & Family Pics

I am so lucky to have such a great family, And this is them. The day before Easter I organized for all of us to get together and get some family pics. Now my family hasn't done family pictures since I was 11. It was really great and next year will be better. First off (top left) is my older Brother Casey and his 4 girls, Kenedee, Makayla, Katelynn, and Madison. Then (top right) is my older Sister Jennifer, Her husband Steve and their 3 boys, Parker, Kaden, and Gavin. In the bottom right is my little Sister Courtney, Her Husband Curtis and their 3 kids, Brady, Destiny, and Bethany. Lastly (bottom left) is Myself, Tavis and Peyton. (My parents were unable to make it)

(first pic of all of us together in 12 years)

Before taking pics I also arranged an easter egg hunt for all the nieces and nephews which was a lot of fun. Here are some pics from that.

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