Happy Halloween

Well today is Halloween, Technically. This was our first and last halloween we were able to celebrate as a couple.
We have been together since March of 2008, and our first technical halloween together we spent at church. Our 2nd Halloween was last year and unfortunately Tavis had to work all day and into the night so I went Trick or Treating with my Sister Jenn and her boys. So this year we were excited to  be able to celebrate together.

Our day started off by going to my little sisters Reception. Courtney and Curtis were sealed in the Provo Temple, so happy for them. We ate so much food and chocolate dipped goodies. (thank you whoever invented the chocolate fountain). Then we came home and Tavis decided to be a party pooper and not dress up so he wore normal clothes and went has a reality TV contestant. I went as an angel. We passed out candy for a little while then went to our friends Caleb and Kelsea's Halloween party. It was so much fun. I haven't had that much fun in a long while.

Next Halloween will be just has awesome. Next year will be little miss Peyton's First Halloween we are so excited. Tavis wants to dress up has a Halo Spartan and dress her up has a grunt.... we will see about that. We are so excited tho. In other Peyton news.. I am now 32 weeks pregnant only 8 weeks to go and 56 days.. Oh my gosh I cannot believe she is going to be here so soon. We are anxious and nervous. She is growing a lot and seems healthy as far as they can tell right now haha. Unfortunately this also means i am in more pain. My hips have popped so I am in constant pain, I have no idea where she is going to go, there is no way i could possibly grow anymore... haha.

I can't believe i'm about to become a mom... I can't believe we are about to become parents...
I am so excited!


& we keep going

Things may look like they are just gonna keep getting worse, But I have faith we will get through this.

Earlier this week, Tavis and I were put through yet another trial. I guess to understand I need to start at the beginning. I was laid off from work about 6 weeks ago and so because of this we became unable to afford our Rent. We had already been looking into moving anyway but this new development made that idea harder and we were being tested with figuring out how to afford to move. So i signed the contract over to our roommate and began applying for cheap apartments, Well we think we may have found the perfect place, but before could finish the application process on this new place, Our roommate gave us a 24 hour notice to get out of the apartment.

We got really lucky, so we hauled butt packing and I was really grateful my mom came to help us. She came and packed for me, called up her friends and got us a place to store our stuff and got someone with a truck to help us move it all, I am so thankful to her.

We are also really grateful to Tavis's Dad who is letting us stay with him til we can finish this application process and move into our own place.

It is really frustrating and stressful to me right now knowing there is only 9 weeks left of my pregnancy, and even then she can still come at any time, and I have no where to live, no where to take her home to. I don't have a place for her to sleep or to properly store all of her stuff. I still have a lot of stuff i have to get her too. Like a changing table, Mattress, Bassinet sheets, Pac'n'play sheets, Diapers, Wipes, and other such essentials but I don't want to get any of that til we are in our own place.

I have faith though that we will be able to get through this and everything will work out. I am so glad to have Tavis, He is such a great support and has been helping me through this. I am also so thankful to have God, who gives me the comfort i need to know we will get through this.


I love this man!!!

(i really wish i had a better pic of him, haha)

I just wanted to share how much I love Tavis! He takes such good care of me and his baby girl. :D He is trying so hard, everyday to make sure we are provided for. He is constantly showing me how much he cares and loves me. And every time he leans down and talks to Peyton or rubs my stomach I get butterflies and think what a great dad he will make. He is just down right amazing and honestly right now i am having a hard time thinking of the right words to explain how much i love him. I am so glad he is my husband and soon to be father of my daughter. I am so appreciative of everything he does for me. I love love love him.