I love this man!!!

(i really wish i had a better pic of him, haha)

I just wanted to share how much I love Tavis! He takes such good care of me and his baby girl. :D He is trying so hard, everyday to make sure we are provided for. He is constantly showing me how much he cares and loves me. And every time he leans down and talks to Peyton or rubs my stomach I get butterflies and think what a great dad he will make. He is just down right amazing and honestly right now i am having a hard time thinking of the right words to explain how much i love him. I am so glad he is my husband and soon to be father of my daughter. I am so appreciative of everything he does for me. I love love love him.

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  1. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers Whitney. I hope everything works out! And if you need anything that you cant afford i would love to help you out;)