Our little girl is growing so fast.

Peyton turned 3 months old yesterday. I can not even fathom that it has been three months since she came into my life. I can't believe that a year ago is when I got pregnant with her, our most amazing little blessing. Peyton has discovered her voice and her hands. She loves sucking on her fist and/or fingers I think I may get a thumb sucker... not excited. Oh but man o man she is getting such a personality she talks to us and herself all the time, she loves to chat with us. She still hates tummy time but has started trying to sit up or forward with minimum support. She has also started sleeping through the night usually going to bed between 9 and 10, waking up around 6 or 7. we also introduced her to sesame street via netflix and she loves it. It's great. :) I am so excited we are getting her crib finally and will be setting it up and decorating her nursery next week.

In other family news, I have finally got this mom and wife thing down (all thanks to netflix). even bigger news, thanks to our tax return we were able to pay off more than half of Tavis's fine and should have it paid off completely by May 2012!!!!!!

Tavis and I celebrated our 3 years of being together on March 17th and today is One and a half years of marriage. We went on a date and I got a gift, Tavis got me an iPad. I love it. Then we went to dinner at Iggy's which was amazing.

I have begun a huge goal for me and so far so good. I have begun reading the NLT One Year Bible, I can feel it changing me already. I had started getting lost, it's been a long time since I had been to church and stopped reading my bible like I should have been. I know praying is not enough I need to do more.

Well that is our new update. :) Things are going good and i love my sweet little family, and thanks good for blessing me with them.


Inspired to make a change

Well thanks to my dear friend Beth she has inspired me to make a Change in my life. I remember there was once a time when I was confident and independent and knew who I was and what I wanted in life. I would have these crazy adventures and laugh all the time. I was sociable and happy. So much has changed in the last 5 years. I have changed and I can barely recognize myself. I've become this mother and wife who hides at home I never go anywhere or see anyone just sorta keep to myself and hide in my house, thats not who I want to be and I need to find me again. But life always has it's pros and cons I am now more responsible, i can think more rationally, and I am blessed with an amazing husband and beautiful daughter. So per the inspiration I need to get back in touch with the younger me.

Well to begin with getting in touch with myself:

  • I'm going to start reading more (especially to Peyton)
  • Go on daily walks (as long as weather cooperates)
  • Try blogging more
  • Take a lot more pictures of Peyton, Tavis and I
  • Keep up on house cleaning, dishes and laundry
  • Have family dinners every night
  • Start going back to church
  • Finish reading the entire Bible
  • Spend more time has a family
  • Enjoy life again
  • Make time for me
  • Get Peyton blessed
  • Eat healthier
  • Become more financially secure (don't waste money, and this is a big one i need to change)



March is always one of my busiest months for birthdays in my family, February falling a close second. Beginning on the 11th I have Tavis, 12th my mom, 13th my sister in law Tiffany, 15th my older sister Jenn, 23rd my niece Kaitlyn, 27th my niece Destiny, and finally on the 29th my little sister Courtney.
Every year I try to hold a huge birthday get together for my family in March to celebrate all the birthdays. Especially my mom.

So on the 11th Tavis, Peyton and I went to dinner with Tavis' mom. It was our first real outing with Peyton and she was a champ. Just very content the whole time we were out. I felt bad that we couldn't really do much for his birthday but he had work all day so that was a real downer. (Tavis when he was a baby:))

On the 12th I had planned to have the whole family over for Dinner for the birthdays, But before dinner I went with my older sister Jenn to get her birthday present. Her first Tattoo. When we were younger we always figured Jenn would be the first of us to get a tattoo. She was the bad girl in the family so we we were all a little surprised when I got mine first. But it was nice to live vicariously through her and i can't wait to get my next one. I love her tattoo and she was such a champ getting it didn't even flinch or shed a tear. :) She got it between her shoulder blades.

Once we were done with that we went back to my place and got ready. We made Taco soup, and Funfetti cake. Everyone but my brother and his girls came, but i was so happy for the turn out we did have. It was a lot of fun and My nephews got to know their uncle Tavis just a little more while he babysat them while we were out. (my mom and dad)

On sunday Tavis' Dad and his Fiance' came over to hang out with Tavis and Peyton for his birthday it was nice for Peyton to see her Grandpa Albertson a little more since we are rarely able to get over there to see him. Although she was a little fussy turns out she caught a cold from the day before, poor girl.

Anyway yeah that would be the birthday weekend.

Today I had my first Dentist appointment in 6 years. Come to find out I need major oral surgery. Something i'm not excited about. I'm going to need 6 possibly 8 teeth removed. Unfortunately I'm not insured anymore and this is something that just can't wait. So finding a way to pay for it sucks even more. I have barely been able to eat anything since Friday night. Blah.... Is all I have to say about that. :(

On a happier note, Tomorrow St. Patrick's Day marks 3 years that Tavis and I have been together.
Three years ago at around 2 in the morning, Tavis and I had just gotten back from GCLI in Colorado a few hours before and were passed out at my house. We had woken up and oddly continued our game of what was 20 questions that begin 12 hours before when leaving Colorado, but was like infinity questions... Anyway Tavis turns to me and says, "Ok i have a good question. Will you be my GF Homeslice?" I'm looking at him like, did you really ask that and reply, "be your what?" "My girlfriend."
And that is how we began. It blows my mind that that was really 3 years ago and so much has happened since then. I love you Tavis so so so much and love that I get to call you Husband. I love what a great dad you are to our little girl too. :) Thank you for so many great memories. (This is us in Colorado just before we started dating)


More hospital visits than ever

Earlier today we had to take Tavis to the Emergency room. He woke up and was throwing up non stop for 2 straight hours and then had really bad cramping. Afraid it might have been appendix we went reluctantly. Tavis looked like I felt when I was having contractions, Doubled over, tears in his eyes, barely breathing... Yeah he was not happy, once we were admitted they gave him something to help stop the vomiting and morphine to help with the pain. Peyton cooperated so well and was just happy and content and that helped make daddy feel better. A few hours later the diagnosed him with kidney stones. Poor hubby has still yet to pass it and the vomiting has commenced once again. I hope he gets feeling better soon.

Anyway leading to my title. While we were sitting there waiting for the drugs to kick in, Tavis made the comment that in the 3 years we have been together he has been to the emergency room 5 times. Only once in his entire life before that. I wonder what that has to say about me? haha.