Inspired to make a change

Well thanks to my dear friend Beth she has inspired me to make a Change in my life. I remember there was once a time when I was confident and independent and knew who I was and what I wanted in life. I would have these crazy adventures and laugh all the time. I was sociable and happy. So much has changed in the last 5 years. I have changed and I can barely recognize myself. I've become this mother and wife who hides at home I never go anywhere or see anyone just sorta keep to myself and hide in my house, thats not who I want to be and I need to find me again. But life always has it's pros and cons I am now more responsible, i can think more rationally, and I am blessed with an amazing husband and beautiful daughter. So per the inspiration I need to get back in touch with the younger me.

Well to begin with getting in touch with myself:

  • I'm going to start reading more (especially to Peyton)
  • Go on daily walks (as long as weather cooperates)
  • Try blogging more
  • Take a lot more pictures of Peyton, Tavis and I
  • Keep up on house cleaning, dishes and laundry
  • Have family dinners every night
  • Start going back to church
  • Finish reading the entire Bible
  • Spend more time has a family
  • Enjoy life again
  • Make time for me
  • Get Peyton blessed
  • Eat healthier
  • Become more financially secure (don't waste money, and this is a big one i need to change)

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