Half way already!

6 months! I cannot believe Peyton is already 6 months old.

This pic was taken on saturday her 6 month birthday, she was all dressed up to be in the children's parade which she was a part of has a winner in the baby contest. After the parade we went up to Cedar hills to hang out with daddy while he was working a carnival up there. It was lots of fun.

The following monday we had her 6 month well child check, Peyton weighs 19 lbs 4oz (96%) and is 26 inches long (61%). She is getting so big and I can barely believe it. Right now she can stand on her own while holding onto something stationary, and everyday she gets better and better at sitting on her own. I am one very proud momma.

{stolen from beth}
Six Things I Love About My 6 Month Old

6:: I love her laugh, it is the most adorable squeal. 
5:: I love the way she sorta army crawls scoots in circles.
4:: I love how much she enjoys being outside.
3:: She loves playing with her stuffed animals.
2:: Daddy is still her favorite person
1:: Her smiles melt my heart everytime.


2011 Provo Freedom Fest Baby Contest

Yesterday was the 2011 freedomfest baby contest. I was so excited to enter Peyton but very nervous not to get my hopes up. I really appreciate Tavis's mom for helping us make her costume. It was a long day but so exciting.

Peyton won first place in the category 4-6 months costume.
She will be in 2 parades. The Children's Parade on June 25th and The Grande Parade on July 4th. I am so happy and excited. I will post pics from the Parades when they happen but here are some from the contest.

Darren And Bonnies Wedding

Last weekend was Tavis's dad's Wedding.
Darren and Bonnie were sealed in the Provo Temple on June 10, 2011.
Congratulations on your new journey in life.

It was so great to see all the Albertson Clan and for Peyton to get the chance to meet her Great Grandma Albertson.

Here are some pics we took.


Week 5

One thing I love - I love writing and my ability to be able to write well
One thing I need to work on - Getting my GED
How i'm going to do that - Study and work really hard on coming up with the money to take it.


I love my five month old

I can't believe how fast time goes. 
Peyton already 5 months old and I love it.

We went to a WIC appointment the other day and found out that Peyton now weighs 18.5 lbs, unfortunately I can't remember how long they said she was, but I love it.

Peyton loves rolling from her back to her tummy, and when she is on her tummy she likes to hoard her toys in her arms, it's actually being really cute. 

She is such a chatter box, and has one of the cutest smiles.

Her hair is finally starting to grow, unfortunately it looks really funky and short, haha but i'm excited for it to grow in. 

She gets bored easily, so we are constantly busy.
Her favorite person is Daddy and they are so extremely cute together.
Her favorite toy is her plush froggy rattle. 
She loves sucking on her toes too. 
She hates banana baby food and well i guess she doesn't like any baby food so we will see and keep trying.

Well there is her update, I wish i had more to say.
Love you Peyton. ♥