And it's a.....

On August 9, 2010 I found out that Tavis and I would be expecting a Lil' Girl! Unfortunately when i found out Tavis was out of town working. So I left the next day to meet up with him in Duchesne to announce the sex to him. So I have this huge plan of showing up there wearing a pink shirt, carrying a pink balloon and a pink cupcake. Nope. Tavis calls me while on my way down there and tells me I can't announce the sex until their closing meeting, Duh! totally ruins my plan. So I finally get there at about 5 in the afternoon and have 7 hours til their closing meeting to decide how i am going to announce it. The anticipation was killing me. Finally they shut down and we gather for the meeting, all the employees split into their teams Guessing boy (8) Guessing Girl (13), and last second I decide to hand Tavis the ultrasound pictures have him find out and announce it all at once. I'm not kidding the second he saw we were having a lil girl his heart just melted and he about cried. He yells, "It's a girl." and everyone cheered it was great! I loved it.

So after all that my trip to Duchesne was pretty awesome in general.


Love Is In The Air!!! ♥

First I am slightly frustrated that blogger will not let me upload photos. GRRRRR.... hahaha

Anyway my sister in law Tiana got married on July 30 so we had family fly in for the wedding. Tavis's Grandma and Grandpa Butler, Aunt Kim and her daughter Ashley came from Kansas. His Aunt Vickie also came in from Texas. So Tuesday night me, Tavis and his mom went to salt lake and picked them up. It was awesome while waiting for Vickie to get it in, I was pushing baby cause he/she was in a very uncomfortable position and I totally made him do a back flip, and because I pissed baby off for moving them, baby retaliated and made me car sick on the way home. BUT.. It was very cool feeling the baby move like that.

Wednesday was just has equally awesome. We all went to the Hogle Zoo, and by all i mean whole fam damly haha, It was awesome. Tavis was so cute and lovey all day and i loved loved loved it. We spent practically the whole day there it was great spending time with the family, pics posted at the bottom.

Thursday I babysat my nieces all day and then went to work just a normal day.

Friday was the big day. Tiana and Joe had such a beautiful wedding. They had it up the canyon at this very beautiful park with a stream running next to it. The ceremony was beautiful very intimate and amazing, Then we enjoyed the reception with great food, some dancing, good music. Enjoyed the company with friends and family. It was great and I am so excited to have a new in law.

Saturday we went to dinner with everyone to sizzler for Grandpa Butler's birthday. I have throughly enjoyed this week and the time we are getting to spend with the family. They go home tomorrow and prolly won't be back for a long while, so i am glad they got to come out.

On some other exciting notes, I will be finding out the sex of our lil one, one week from today and i am very excited for. Unfortunately Tavis will not be here. Tavis leaves this wednesday for work and will be gone for two weeks.

Anyway that would be my week. :D