Family Update

I really should update more often and I probably will now that blogger has an iPad app (thanks Whitney Ferron).

Anyway right now there really isn't much to update on, has a family not a lot is going on.
I finished up school at the end of October, and began my externship on the first. It has been such an incredible and crazy learning experience and I have been enjoying it so much. Besides that, I am still working at Teavana, and that's about it.

Tavis just finished up working for the summer and is currently taking care of Peyton while I'm balancing massive amounts of hours between working and externing. I am so thankful he is able to do that for us, Peyton loves having her daddy around to play with her.

Peyton is growing up so fast! She is 22 months old and I can't believe it. She loves to talk, she always uses please, thank you and welcome (in her own sweet speech). Her new favorite is saying "cuuu" (cute). All together she can say 15 words and 3 two word phrases. She has this little stuffed dog she loves to carry everywhere with her. She loves to draw and dance. She also loves playing outside and I can't wait to take her out in the snow.

We had an awesome Halloween weekend and I'll post pics on another post, and are anxiously preparing for thanksgiving, Peyton's birthday and Christmas. I'm super excited for this Christmas and birthday, cause I really think Peyton is going to enjoy it more.

Anyway that's really all I got to update right now.


It's Not Right

Do having Tattoo's really make me any less of a person
Any less of a great parent
Any less of a great wife
Any less of a great student
or hard worker.
Any less of a christian.

One of my favorite quotes:
"The only difference between tattooed people and non tattooed people are,
tattooed people don't care if your non tattooed."

I have been struggling a lot with this
How could people really judge me by my cover.
I hate that I may not get a job has an MA because of my tattoos
because people just can't see past them.

Some days I dislike living where I live for this and many other reasons.
Just let me be free to be me.

Just let us be free to be us.
We are adults
Adults with a child
Adults who worry about her future
Worry about our future
Adults who work and go to school to pave that path for her better future

Just because we are not what you want us to be
Does not make us any less of people

We are good people and who are you to say otherwise...

*Sorry for my rant everyone, this needed to be said, and it needed to be shared*


3 years and more

Last wednesday Tavis and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. I liked the way Tavis said it, "3 years and going strong."

So the day of our anniversary was not so great, I woke up with a migraine, and Tavis worked nearly 10 hours. But I worked up enough strength to make ribs and mashed potatoes from scratch for dinner.

The real plans were for Friday- Sunday.

So Friday we went up to Salt lake City, while Peyton stayed with her grandma A.
We got an amazing hotel just a block south from the Gateway mall. Our room was on the 5th floor with a window to the east so which allowed me to enjoy a beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning.

Anyway so Friday we got up there a little late, so we checked into our room and went to the gateway and enjoyed a meal at Applebees. Then got a terrifying eye opener, we took a back road to our hotel and saw the many homeless of salt lake city. There were so many they couldn't all fit in the shelter. It was really sad.

The next morning has I said I got up and watched a beautiful sunrise from my hotel room, Enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the hotel.
Our day then consisted of enjoying one of the greatest farmer's markets I have been to at Pioneer Park.  Then Shopping at the Gateway, Followed by lunch and major disappointment at City Creek Mall.

After City Creek we went back to the hotel for a quick nap then went to enjoy an awesome meal and good time at Squatter's in SLC. They had some of the most amazing food and their drinks were awesome. Afterward we went back to the hotel, spent time in the hot tub and relaxed in the hotel room.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast again, did a little more shopping at the Gateway, Enjoyed a stop at the Clark Planetarium, Came home, got our munchkin and ended the night with a great family meal.

All in all it was a great anniversary.