3 years and more

Last wednesday Tavis and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. I liked the way Tavis said it, "3 years and going strong."

So the day of our anniversary was not so great, I woke up with a migraine, and Tavis worked nearly 10 hours. But I worked up enough strength to make ribs and mashed potatoes from scratch for dinner.

The real plans were for Friday- Sunday.

So Friday we went up to Salt lake City, while Peyton stayed with her grandma A.
We got an amazing hotel just a block south from the Gateway mall. Our room was on the 5th floor with a window to the east so which allowed me to enjoy a beautiful sunrise on Saturday morning.

Anyway so Friday we got up there a little late, so we checked into our room and went to the gateway and enjoyed a meal at Applebees. Then got a terrifying eye opener, we took a back road to our hotel and saw the many homeless of salt lake city. There were so many they couldn't all fit in the shelter. It was really sad.

The next morning has I said I got up and watched a beautiful sunrise from my hotel room, Enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the hotel.
Our day then consisted of enjoying one of the greatest farmer's markets I have been to at Pioneer Park.  Then Shopping at the Gateway, Followed by lunch and major disappointment at City Creek Mall.

After City Creek we went back to the hotel for a quick nap then went to enjoy an awesome meal and good time at Squatter's in SLC. They had some of the most amazing food and their drinks were awesome. Afterward we went back to the hotel, spent time in the hot tub and relaxed in the hotel room.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast again, did a little more shopping at the Gateway, Enjoyed a stop at the Clark Planetarium, Came home, got our munchkin and ended the night with a great family meal.

All in all it was a great anniversary.

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