Peyton RaeLynn 18 months

Peyton is actually 19 months but with school and life it gets really difficult to update. So here is her 18 month update. Those who follow me on here usually follow me on Facebook has well and so most of it is stuff you already know but here goes. :)

18 things about my 18 month old

  •  Peyton is 2ft 10ins tall and weighs 27 lbs (as of June 25)
  •  Her favorite book is Jamberry
  •  She loves brushing her teeth
  •  She loves to dance
  •  Her hair has the most adorable ringlets
  •  She can say like 10 words
  •  My favorite is when she asks "What's that?"
  •  She is so fearless, she can climb up the big slides at the park & go down by herself
  •  She loves going to 7 peaks
  •  Her favorite person is still dad
  •  She gets really excited when she sees her grandparents 
  •  She can buckle her car seat 
  •  I love watching her try to figure out how something works
  •  She can nearly put her shoes on by herself
  •  She loves to play outside
  •  Currently her favorite foods are corn, nectarines, and corn dogs
  •  She loves hanging out with Kenzie A. and Hailey E.
  •  She has one of the most adorable laughs and smiles

Peyton is amazing, and I love her so much she can brighten my whole world. :)

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