Half way already!

6 months! I cannot believe Peyton is already 6 months old.

This pic was taken on saturday her 6 month birthday, she was all dressed up to be in the children's parade which she was a part of has a winner in the baby contest. After the parade we went up to Cedar hills to hang out with daddy while he was working a carnival up there. It was lots of fun.

The following monday we had her 6 month well child check, Peyton weighs 19 lbs 4oz (96%) and is 26 inches long (61%). She is getting so big and I can barely believe it. Right now she can stand on her own while holding onto something stationary, and everyday she gets better and better at sitting on her own. I am one very proud momma.

{stolen from beth}
Six Things I Love About My 6 Month Old

6:: I love her laugh, it is the most adorable squeal. 
5:: I love the way she sorta army crawls scoots in circles.
4:: I love how much she enjoys being outside.
3:: She loves playing with her stuffed animals.
2:: Daddy is still her favorite person
1:: Her smiles melt my heart everytime.

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