Peytons first 4th of July

This year was Peyton's first fourth of july and we had a blast.

July 1st - Tavis left to work in Mount Pleasant so it was just me and Peyton til Sunday. So after getting him off and ready, Peyton and I got ready and we walked down to Provo Freedom Festival, but not before stopping for a hazelnut white mocha coffee at coffee pod. Once we got to the festival we hung out at the Rock Church booth, Peyton had a blast with the balloons. Then we met up with Jessie Palmer, Phoebe Peterson and her new baby Darren, hung out with them for a while. Ended the night with Worship at The Rock Church.

July 2nd- Peyton and I took another trip to the Freedom Festival this time, we mostly hung out with Phoebe Peterson, Darren and Phoebe's brother in law Jeremy. Then Peyton and I headed home to get ready to watch Stadium of Fire. We had such an ideal location at the end of our street on Carterville we had a perfect view of the fireworks in the stadium and the ones behind it. Peyton freaking loved it she couldn't stop jumping up and down and squealing in delight.

July 3rd- (&here come pics)
Daddy came home, it was our first nights apart since having Peyton, so i was very excited to see Tavis when he came home. Peyton had a special surprise for daddy too when he got home she officially sat all on her own no support it was awesome.

July 4th- We woke up early, got Peyton and our selves ready and went to the grand parade.

We didn't finish the parade route though, because it was hot and humid, and we left in such a hurry we needed to eat. So we went to Gandi's got food and after that we walked around and checked out the booths. Peyton got sunglasses and me and tavis got our bracelets unfortunately they were to big for our wrist so we had to tie them to our ankles. We stay long at the festival tho and on our way home stopped and got Fireworks and did our own little firework show as a little family.

It was a great holiday. Loved it. Love my family. :)

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