Peyton is now 26 months old. She is getting so big.

~At her last appointment she was 3 ft tall, and weighs 30 lbs.
~She loves having daddy around to play with all day.
~She is loving all the Toy Story movies and watches them repeatedly through out the day.
~She loves playing with her cars.
~Makes us kiss her stuffed puppy and teddy bear to bed when we put her to bed.
~Her favorite foods are peaches, oatmeal, and spaghetti.
~She always wants to be outside.
~When she can't go outside she likes to sit on the back of our couch and look out the window.
~She loves to take showers
~and Brush her teeth.
~Can count to 7 (but usually skips 1 and 4)
~She can say several words
~She loves to draw
~and Dance
~Her smiles and giggles definitely brightens our days.
~I love coming home and getting a big grin, hug and kiss from her.

Well, can't really think of anything else so i'll end with a pic of this cute girl.

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