3rd times the charm (sorry it's long)

It was strange the way we met, or should i say didn't meet.
Without a doubt in my mind i know that God was intervening with us.
The First time we didn't meet was in 2002 when we were both on a movie set together he an extra me a gopher. Spending a lot of time in close quarters and we never noticed each other.
The Second time was the summer of 2005, and I at the time was just starting a new relationship and he had just graduated high school and was getting out on his own. Tavis had just bought a motorcycle to ride with his friends cause that was just what they did. He ended up spending the entire summer at my house working on his motorcycle with my now brother in law Curtis. Just so happened he was really good friends with my sisters boyfriends little brother. ( I know stupid and complicated but yeah point is..) We never even noticed each other.

Then in 2006 is when we began our trials that would lead us to each other.
I had gotten pregnant out of marriage, was not with the father anymore (he had already moved onto a new GF by the time i found out i was pregnant, was about to begin my senior year of high school. My real trial was placing my son for adoption. I ended up getting really angry at God for letting all this pain happen to me, and in return began to party. I was in a bad place for a long time.

Tavis himself thinking he was all cool being out on his own started to get into trouble himself trying to experience the world more which lead to him getting into trouble with the law, and falling away from his family, and falling away from his church.

December 14, 2007 We though friends were introduced to The Rock Church. Where through amazing teachers were able to truly find God in our lives and experience God and The Bible in a whole new way. I accepted Christ back into my life February 15th, It was around that time Tavis had started noticing me and i am him but we still had not met. It wasn't until Tavis was getting ready to accept Christ into his life that we met. Right after i was re-baptized on February 29th did i approach Tavis at church. Then on Tavis' 21st birthday did he realize how much he wanted God in his life and accepted Christ. That was also the first time we hung out.

A few days later we left with a large group of church members to a church conference in Fort Collins, CO. Which began our infatuation. Over the course of 4 days we were practically inseparable. We began with a simple game of 20 questions to get to know each other which evolved into 200 questions through out the entire course of the weekend. When returning we got back to Utah he didn't want to go home so i told him to just stay at my house and we ended up taking a nap, not waking up til 2:00 am on March 17. Continuing our little game which lead to Tavis asking me one of the most important questions he ever could.

"Ok, ok. I have the perfect question. Will you be my GF Homeslice?"
"Your what?"
"My girlfriend."

And the rest is history. and that is how we began.

Lovss Whitney

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