Birthday, seizure, wisdom teeth.....

25 years ago on October 18 at 8:30 am I was born. My birth had been planned so my dad and my moms doctor wouldn't miss the deer hunt.

I had originally wanted to do a huge bash for my birthday but other events changed that. So instead my birthday started off with going back to work after my maternity leave. It was a pretty normal day at the clinic, I got gifted with a pretty cool laceration. :) After work Tavis, the girls and I went up to my sister Jenn's for a little party with her, her hubby, and our friends Brandon and Ceason. All in all it was a pleasant birthday spent with the people I love most. 

The next morning, we were awoken by Peyton throwing up, but thank goodness it was only something she ate cause it didn't last long. Then we had a delicious pancake breakfast followed by a nap for everyone. After napping we got ready to head back home. First we had to stop at Walmart on our way out. Now I'm not entirely sure what happened next I remember waiting for Steve for about 30 minutes so we checked out the christmas stuff and baby stuff, when we finally met up with him we started getting groceries. After a little bit of time I told Jenn she needed more milk I had used the last of the gallon that morning, so I walked down to get milk. This is when it started. While I was walking down there it started to become hard for me to focus my vision, then I started feeling light headed, grabbed the milk and went back to everyone who were now in the frozen food section. I vaguely remember telling them I was feeling lightheaded, the next thing I know I'm waking up in an ambulance. Apparently I had had a seizure, one that lasted about 2-3 minutes. I was taken to American Fork Hospital, they ran a EKG, a CT, Heart monitor, blood work, everything came back normal. So now I have to see a neurologist and hopefully get answers. 

A few days later, I beat my body up some more and got all four wisdom teeth removed and my two furthest back bottom molars. Such a stupid and painful decision.

So all in all my 25th year of life has been adventurous. :)

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