Another Surgery

So while we were in Ashton we finally got the results of Tavis' most recent CT scan and the results were worse than we thought it wasn't just one stone in his right kidney but several, and more still in his left side. So once we got back we scheduled him for his next surgery. So a few days later Tavis had surgery and this time it was a lot more extensive taking just over 2 hours and using dye. When the Surgeon came out to update me I found out they went in both ureters and kidneys and removed a total of 7 stones, equaling 12 stones in 2 months. We sat in recovery a little longer than last time, cause Tavis was having a hard time keeping any fluids or solids down.

He is finally starting to feel on the mend and we will find out what the next step from here is has they had mentioned the possibility of him seeing a Nephrologist (kidney disease specialist).

Here are some pics of his stones.
The first two (5 and 3mm) Tavis passed on his own just before vaca.
The last one is the largest (4mm) that the surgeon removed

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