New Year

I forgot to post about the new year and my new year resolutions!

I am so excited about the new year, I have a new baby, A new house, will be getting a new job. This is the year for New. I have very few new years resolutions but they are all long term and will take time.

  • Finally change my last name from Chestnut to Albertson (Officially!)
  • Raise a beautiful healthy baby girl!
  • Build and stick to a budget
  • Lose the remaining 5 pounds and tone my body 
  • Become a better wife to my amazing husband
I love my beautiful little family and am so excited for the adventures this year holds!

Has a challenge given to me by a dear friend I am doing Project 365. This is a blog challenge where you take a pic everyday and write about your day every year for a year. So far so good. If you would like to follow me on that as well the link is http://projectthree-six-five.blogspot.com 

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