A year in Review

With 2010 coming to an end, I would like to share my year in review.

January- In January we were living at my parents. Tavis had just lost his job, I was working at subway, and we were looking for a new apartment.

February- We got a place on the 4th with roommate Jose and moved. 

March- We celebrated Tavis' 23rd birthday, our 3 year anniversary of being together, and our 6 month anniversary of being married. 

April- We got some of the biggest most exciting news on April 22, that we were pregnant and would be expecting soon. :)

May- Tavis begun his summer job with the carnival, we got to hear our little ones heartbeat on May 8. Nothing has ever sounded so beautiful. :)

June- Was very uneventful haha. :)

July- We had another great year at freedomfest. We got to see family from Kansas and Texas who flew out to celebrate Joe and Tiana's wedding. 

August- on 8-9-10 we found out our little bean was a little girl growing healthy and strong. I went to meet Tavis in Duchesne where he was working and i stayed the week with him. 

September- I was laid off from my job, Tavis began a new job with Stamped Asphalt, and Tavis and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary of being married and it was amazing. :)

October- We celebrated my 22nd birthday, could no longer afford our apartment and so we moved in with Tav's dad.

November- I enjoyed the day of knowing my beautiful birthson was turning 4. Who could not believe in less than a month i would have my little girl and in the blink of an eye she would be 4 too.

December- We were blessed with Tavis getting an extension on his court and not going to jail, Then blessed again when Tavis got a job, Then again when we finally found a place to live, and finally we got the best blessing ever. On Christmas day we received the gift of a beautiful healthy baby girl. 

So there is our year in review. 
I am so thankful for all the wonderful blessings I received this year, I am so appreciative of my wonderful husband and those around us who were there to help us in our time of need, I am thankful that I know God and know these blessings are from him and can turn to him. Thank you God for your son who came and died so that I may be saved and return to you. :)

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