Peyton RaeLynn Albertson Is Here!!!

Peyton RaeLynn Albertson

Here is my Birth story. Peyton RaeLynn was born on December 25, 2010 at 7:04 pm. She is 20 inches long and weighed 8 pounds 9 ounces. 

She came very suddenly and we weren't expecting her at all. Just 3 days before my Doctor had told me I was Thick, High, and Closed. Chances of her coming that weekend were slim. So when I started experiencing contractions Saturday morning at around 1 am I began timing them just in hopes but not expecting them to get very close. I was right they never got to a point of consistency so i just went back to bed. 

5 am- woke up to a horrible cramp and was not able to get back to sleep so I got up and just facebooked and did some CafeMom for awhile killing time and watching my contractions. They started getting stronger just not closer. 

9 am- Finally something felt like it was happening has I was watching christmas cartoons with my Bro in laws, while waiting for breakfast i noticed they really started to get closer and a lot stronger. So by ten i began timing them. 
Just to give you an idea these are my contraction times during one hour. The time on the left is what time they began and on the right how long they were:
10:02 - 1m 16
10:07 - 57.96s
10:13 - 1m
10:17 - 54.81
10:20 - 43.74
10:24 - 44.14
10:28 - 57.80
10:31 - 42.25
10:34 - 53.59
10:37 - 42.52
10:40 - 49.14
10:45 - 48.57
10:49 - 1m 11
10:53 - 49.36
10:55 - 39.25
10:58 - 42.25

That was just during one hour. During that time I continued on with our christmas morning. With breakfast followed by gifts. By 11:30 my back was killing me so i jumped in the shower to get some relief. Worst idea ever,  I was in the shower 2 minutes before i decided to get back out and it took me 20 minutes to get out the contractions were so bad. Once i was finally able to get out. I called L&D and told them what my contractions were and what my doctor had told me 4 days before. They said to go ahead and come in they would evaluate me and worst case send me home with some nice drugs to make me feel better or they would keep me and we would have a party. 

12 pm- So i called up DH's Mom and had her come get us. We drove to the hospital and my contractions only felt like they were getting worse has we drove. When we arrived they admitted me and checked me and I could not believe my ears when the nurse told us i was fully effaced and dilated to a 9! Yeah a freaking 9 already. I asked if I could still get an epidural and found out the anesthesiologist had just left to go to another hospital and they weren't sure if he would be back in time. I about bawled I was already in horrible pain and had not prepared myself for the idea of a natural birth. 

1pm - My doctor showed up and I felt so bad. He had been with his wife and family at the movies seeing Little Fockers for Christmas. He didn't seem to mind but still that would suck. Anyway he checked me and then broke my water. I went down to a 6 so labor was gonna take a little longer which was nice. We found out though that little Peyton had passed her first bowel movement in the uterus and so they had to do a flushing system to try and clear out the meconium and keep her from eating any more than they were sure she had. And because I had shrunk a little I was able to get my epidural. 

2-6 pm - This little time span was boring not much happened. I had My hubby Tavis there, His mom, My sister Jenn and her hubby, My sister in law Tiana and her hubby, and my mom. Not long after receiving my epidural and it kick in did it stop working. So we had the guy come back and he tried re-adjusting it we waited 30 mins and nothing happened so he had to come back and replace it. The first 2 didn't seem to want to get in there right, but finally the third one did and it kicked in fast I was pretty happy. (for a little while). At about 5 pm, My mom left to go get my dad and my SIL and her hubby left so they could go to work. Shortly after my nurse had me roll to my side to see if it would help baby through my contractions and we think it pinched my epi, because within 30 mins I could move my feet and started feeling my contractions again which were registering at a 12. By 6 I was in tears and they didn't know what to do.

6:30 pm - They gave me a shot of epidural just to see if it would help me through labor which was coming on fast.  I had also been blessed with an incredible nurse at the nurse change at 6. Turned out my new nurse was also a certified midwife and she was such an amazing coach and I am so appreciative of her. Anyway so I was in tears with every movement. Peyton was still a little high so starting at about 6:45 they had me doing some small pushes just to get her to move down a little more. Once we got her down a little we realized she was facing my pelvic instead of my rear, so my doctor would have to use forceps to rotate her into the correct position. So with only 3 minutes of pushing my doctor did the rest. Luckily the shot kicked in just in time cause i did not feel the tear or the forceps. Only had to get 2 stitches. When they got her out Tavis cut the cord, and they started cleaning her up. Unfortunately because of the meconium she had eaten she was struggling just a little to breath so we got to hold her quickly then she was taken to the nursery for the next 3 1/2 hours, to be monitored and made sure she would be ok. But everything worked out great. I am so happy to have my baby girl home with me now and we are both doing fabulous. Daddy is infatuated and any chance he can get he is taking lots of pics of her and holding her. The second he saw her precious face i swear she got him wrapped around little fingers. 

Thank you everyone for your prayers and well wishes! :)

Here are some pics.


  1. Congrats Whitney and Tavis! Welcome to the world little princess!! She is adorable!

  2. congrats!! w/lv from sandy bennett

  3. Gotta love the labor and birth stories! They aren't the smoothest of events! But I'm glad she's healthy and home! Congratulations! You guys make a beautiful baby girl!

  4. Incredible story! Glad you got that relief at the end! Congrats on a beautiful baby girl!!!