Day 30: A photo of you today and 3 great things that have happened in the last 30 days

Well my camera battery is dead and I because i'm stupid and don't know how to take a pic with the camera on my iMac, I'm going to post this most recent pic of me which was taken on sunday so only 4 days ago.
The 3 great things that have happened to us in the last 30 days. Well they all really happened in the last like three days, hahaha. So here they are:

  1. On Monday, Tavis was ordered an extension on his court fine and did not go to jail which is such a blessing to us. Tavis will be able to be here for when his little girl is born.
  2. On Tuesday, Tavis got a job finally. We are so thrilled this is such good news for us. Tavis had been having such a difficult time looking for a good steady job and we just feel so blessed by God that things are turning around. 
  3. On Wednesday, Tavis was accepted into Vocational Rehab. This is program to help those who have run into problems getting work like Tavis. Either because of a disability or (like in my dads case) working in one place for 20 + years and then be laid off and not knowing anything but that one thing.  So we are really happy Tavis was accepted and they will help him either get into school for a vocation or get him into an on job training. 
My week honestly would become the best of my life if my little girl is born this week that seriously would be like the amazing cordial cherry on top. 

Well this is it my last post of the 30 day blogger challenge it was a lot of fun! Soon when Peyton is finally here I can actually start posting about my Family Adventures. So excited. :)

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