Food I've cooked in the last little while.

Ok just wanted to share in my growing domestic skills. :) I am in love with the website realmomkitchen.com I have gotten so many fantastic recipes from there. I really suggest going and checking it out.

So first I have homemade Pizza, This recipe was found at allrecipes.com and was very easy. We did it deep dish style and would've been fantastic if I had gotten the right Pizza sauce to put on it. haha, but really otherwise it was fantastic.

The next one was awesome has well. You may remember a few months ago I made teriyaki glazed meatballs,well i pulled that recipe out again, but instead of doing it in the slow cooker I did it in the skillet. To go along with them this time I made Asain lettuce wraps another recipe found at real mom kitchen. Very easy to make and it was amazing, it was a little spicy but I really enjoyed them. Then to top of a perfect Asain themed meal we made cream cheese wontons. This is something I figured out how to make on my own and it is really easy. 
Cream Cheese Wontons

Wonton Squares
Cream Cheese (you can add shredded crab to them as well)
Vegtable Oil
Bowl of water

Put vegtable oil in small saucepan and heat on medium high
Lay squares out and spoon a small amount cream cheese (or mix) onto the middle of the square
I find it easiest to use a clean finger, dipped in the water and line the edges of the square
Brings sides together (will make more sense when you see picture)
Place in oil and let sit until it becomes a golden brown shade 
Remove and Drain oil on paper towel


Next was what we made 2 nights ago, again a recipe I found at real mom kitchen and that was Cheesy Potato Soup in the slow cooker. It was fantastic and unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of it, but here is one from Real mom kitchen.

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