Peyton is now 10 months old! She is on the move too! (& has an attitude to go with it.)

10 things I love about my 10 month old:

♥ I love the way she plays with her one tooth with her tongue
♥ I love the way she bounces when holding on to things
♥ I love the way she smiles at us, Like she has such a deep secret
♥ I love the she gives kisses
♥ I love how close she is to standing an walking
♥ I love the way she squats and sits on her knees
♥ I love how just generally happy she is (most of the time)
♥ Her favorite toys are her little book, and stuffed animals
♥ She loves watching disney movies with mommy
♥ The way she hums (in her own little way) to the songs on the radio.

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