Family Update

So here is our family update since I have been seriously slacking.

In January, I officially graduated from high school and received my diploma, and the even better part of that is I also started College two days before my graduation.
I began attending AmeriTech college, studying to be a Medical Assistant and I'm loving it.

Peyton has really learned comprehensive and her personality is so Big and we love every minute of it. She is just growing and growing and time is slipping by. We love our little diva. We have had quite the round of adventures, She has had ear infections, stomach bugs, etc.., two rounds to the ER, once for eating something she really shouldn't have, and the second was the most terrifying experience of any mothers life. Tavis and I watched Peyton have a feveral seizure, I hope no parents ever have to see that.
She finally seems to be on the mend and just in time for spring/summer.

Tavis has started looking into going to school also, He wants to go to MATC and study IT. He is doing really well and we are really looking forward to summer.

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  1. congrats on your diploma!! I am so sorry you had to endure that with Peyton but I am glad that she is on the mend!! Thinking of your family!