Happy 25th Birthday Tavis!!!!

This weekend we celebrated Tavis' 25th birthday it was an entire weekend of celebrating.

On friday it began with Tavis and I going to a birthday dinner at Tucanos. It was my first time going and it was totally worth the price it quality of food, quality of servers, quantity of food. Even with it being worth the price it is really pricey and thus will be reserved to birthdays when there is a free meal involved. haha.

Afterwards we wandered the Shops at Riverwoods, and it was so much fun. We stopped in Blickenstaffs, I had seen it for the first time last November and it was so much fun, it was Tavis' first time and it was one of the highlights of my night. Tavis ran in there and his eyes lit up and he was a kid again. He wanted to play with everything and he was just so excited. We unexpectedly found a box of 60 piece sidewalk chalk, and I was so exicited to get it for Peyton. Now that it is warming up all I wanted was to color with her. :) I can't wait to go back and get more stuff for Tavis and Peyton to play with this summer.

After Blickenstaff's we went to Provo Beach Resort and it was so epic and awesome. We are hoping to make a trip down there sometime. Maybe even has a date or something, If you haven't checked it out, you really should it's epic and awesome.

(I'm sad I didn't get pics from our friday adventure)

Well then Saturday, first we went down to Brandon and Ceason Elder's, Peyton and Hailey colored with sidewalk chalk, Tavis and Brandon shoot some practice targets, and Ceason and I chated. Then Peyton and I came home and napped while Tavis went Air Softing with Brandon and some other friends.

Finally Sunday, The actual day of Tavis' birth and I am so thankful he was born and he is a part of my life. I love him so much. It began with Peyton and I coloring a picture on the sidewalk for Tavis, Then cleaning the house and preparing for dinner and setting up his cards and gifts. Then I started dinner and we went to the park.  This was Peyton's first time at the park where she could actually run around an play on her own and she loved playing on the slide. (once again I hate that I didn't think to take pictures).  After the park we came home finished dinner, Which was a mini thanksgiving dinner. The Elder's came over and Peyton and Hailey were so cute playing together. After dinner Tavis, Brandon, Ceason and I played games. Then we had cake and overall it was a fantastic day, a fantastic weekend. :)

Peyton's finger paint picture and the pinterest card/picture we made for him.

Sidewalk chalk sign

Raspberry Chocolate Cheesecake

Peyton trying to help daddy blow out the candles

Happy 25th Birthday Daddy!

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