Our little Peyton

Our dear little Peyton is getting so big and I am so behind on our monthly updates.

Peyton is currently almost 16 months old
She is around 2 1/2 feet tall and weighs around 30 pds.
All about Peyton:
* She needs Dad to tuck her in to bed at night
* Her favorite person is Dad
* She loves packing around stuffed animals
* Some of her favorite movies are Beauty and the Beast and Cars
* She loves when her grandparents come to see her/ hang with her
* She loves corn dogs, toast, and mashed potatoes
* She is very independent (feeding herself, trying to put her shoes on, etc.)
* She is obsessed with buckles (and such) putting two pieces together
* She loves dancing and humming to music, It's so adorable
* Peyton throws some of the biggest tantrums, and I am so mean, I laugh when she does it. It's so cute.
* Her hair has finally grown out and she is getting the cutest little ringlets
* She still loves playing peek a boo
* I really love the way she smiles and runs up to me for a hug when I get home from school
* She loves playing on the swings and slides at the park
* She is so much fun and I love every minute of being her mom

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