Harlie Arianna Albertson!!

Harlie Arianna was born on September 21, 2013 at 2:06 am.
Weighing 8lbs 13oz and measuring 21 1/4 inches long.

Friday the 20th began like any other, except I was officially overdue.

I got up, made breakfast for me and the munchkin, and lounged around for a bit watching White Collar until my mom showed up. My mom came over to bring Peyton a dolly bed and picnic table for her room, she was so excited to get the presents. After we cleaned her room and set it all up, the three of us sat on the porch and had Popsicles. Then my mom said she had to go grab some groceries so I asked to tag along. My contractions at this point were still only 2-6 an hour, and I figured getting out and walking might help. 

Has we were finishing up I began to feel them more frequently and once I got home and was able to time them they were about every 5 minutes but only lasting about 30seconds. Knowing they weren't lasting that long and they weren't exactly intense enough to do anything about, Peyton and I napped. When I got up they were still the same, so I decided we would go to the Riverwoods farmers market and walk around there for a bit. We got some amazing peaches and sun gold cherry tomatoes, and Peyton saw a ballet performance at the stage and couldn't help but "dance" along. It was adorable. Finished it off by taking Peyton to Provo Beach Resort to play for a little. By this time my contractions were 4 minutes apart and were intensifying to the point I would have to pause.

Once we got home around 8:30pm my first thought was if we are going to have a baby tonight I want clean hair and shaved armpits (haha). So I hopped in the shower while Tavis finished getting everything ready. Like I knew it would the shower increased my contractions to every 3 minutes and I was starting to need to bend over in pain.

After calling someone to come get Peyton, and Tav's Dad to get the two of us, we were off to the hospital. We got to the hospital around 10:30 and was admitted by 11, cause in the 30 minutes it took to get to the hospital from our house they had gone from every 3 minutes to basically back to back.

Once I was admitted and checked I was at a 4. Now just 3 days before my doc had told me like he had with Peyton that I was still closed. So my body has a way of not progressing until it's baby time, and things progressed quickly. My original plan had been to labor has long has possible naturally with the help of my doula before getting an epidural, but the second we got to the hospital I was ready for an epidural. Once I was all hooked up and trying not to swear, I got a blessing from my Father in Law. Then I learned my Dr was unavailable for my delivery and the on call doctor would be delivering me. At first I was a little shocked but once I met the Dr and we talked, he put me totally at ease with him delivering. (Later I realized I had met him before, cause he is my friends OB and I had gone to a few appts with her.)

Has part of our plan we were having professional pictures taken (for us to have and to help our friends photography business has labor pictures are a new fad). So we had photographers, one from Captured Footprints and one from Collide Photography. It was so smart to have a backup. Our first photographer was finishing up at the Luke Bryan concert and wouldn't be able to make it right away. So Megan from Collide photography showed up first.

It was around 11:30 I was checked, was already a 6 now and I was able to get the epi, unfortunately it took 30 minutes to get it in cause my contractions were so close now, the anesthesiologist literally had seconds to try and get the next step done. But once it was in I felt relief within minutes.  My sister Jenn and Doula Britnee showed up while they were trying to get my epi in, and had to wait outside. Shortly after them my best friend Valerie showed up to wait with us. My second best decision was getting a Doula. They are not just for people going natural. She helped with massage and counter pressure during contractions. She knew what oils would help with the heartburn I began to experience and what ones would help keep me relaxed. She was a great support during labor and if I have any more babies I will for sure have one again.

Midnight hit and I knew my daughter would be born on 9/21. :) They checked me again to break my water and I was an 8. So they broke my water and I went down to a 6 again, much like I had with Peyton. Also like with Peyton, Harlie had passed her first bowel movement already and so NICU nurses were placed on standby for when she was born. It was about 12:45 when they checked me again and I was back up to an 8. Shortly after 1 they checked and I was a 9 and we were ready to push.

Now I don't know why it was this way, whether there was no time for it to kick in fully or it was set at a lower dose. My epidural only took the edge off. I could still feel my contractions and I still had complete control of my legs. I loved it, because it was the closest to natural I would ever get. So because I could feel my contractions I was in control of pushing and my contractions were so long I would get 4-5 pushes in each contraction. I don't know exactly how long I pushed for but it was longer than my other two. It was such an amazing experience to feel her come out and that relief of pressure and bizarre to feel my placenta come out. Haha. Something that surprised all of us in the room was when the doctor said no repair needed there was just some bruising. So my biggest baby yet and she is the only one I didn't tear with. I think it was all the walking I did during my pregnancy. :) The epidural wore off quickly and I was able to walk within the hour. It was a perfect delivery.

Harlie was born at 2:06 am, and like I had mentioned NICU nurses were on standby because of the meconium, so she was quickly taken over to be checked out and made sure everything was ok. Luckily this time everything was and they brought her over to me. Something really cool our hospital began doing shortly after Peyton was born was they bathe the newborn in the delivery room so the mom can watch, then they move everyone into a recovery room. It was so great to watch her bath and to keep her with me. Harlie stayed with me from the moment she was born until about 8 pm that night when I took her to the nursery for a few minutes while I showered, and then she stayed with me through most the night until they had to take her for 24 hour tests.

We were released and came home Monday night and Peyton was so excited to see me and her sister. She keeps trying to share with Harlie and has been such a big helper. I can't believe we are a family of 4 now. I love my little girls.

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  1. Whitney, she is so adorable! You have a nice family! Sounds like it was a perfect delivery. I wish I could have seen my babies bathed for the first time too. Enjoy these precious little ones.