Getting Healthy 2014

When I was pregnant with Daxton I began at 117 (June 2006) and ended at 139(November 2006).
When I became pregnant with Peyton I began at 111 (April 2010) and ended at 142 (December 2010), but was back at 120 shortly after.
When I became pregnant with Harlie I started at 117 (February 2013) and ended at 139 (September 2013), but was down to 110 a few weeks later.

Now after Thanksgiving and Christmas I am back at 120 and it's time to get it all toned up! :)

I've stopped drinking soda, but may still have the occasional coffee every now and then. I'm working on giving up the junk food and eating healthier foods.

And with my impending week of sand, surf, and sun coming up in just a few short weeks there is no better motivation!

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