Goodbye 2013

2013 started off on a great foot. Tavis and I started the year ringing it in gathered by good friends, with champagne, midnight kisses, and sparklers. Then on January 1st, I was approached by the PA I was externing with and offered a job, once I finished my hours. I knew in that moment that 2013 was going to be a great year. :)

On January 14th, we got huge news when I found out we were going to be expecting baby #2 this year.

Then another huge milestone just two days later has I graduated from AmeriTech College with my degree in Medical Assisting. This was a huge accomplishment for me. 

In March, we celebrated Tavis' 26th birthday. We celebrated with our friends Kevin and Kimmie at Tucano's. 

 Tavis and I also celebrated 5 years of being together. It's such an amazing feeling, marking these milestone years with your best friend knowing you will always be together. 

In May we found out we would be adding another baby girl to our family.
We had an exciting summer, with lots of trips to 7-peaks, a hike up the canyon, and the farmers market at the Shops at Riverwoods.

At the end of August I was blessed to be able to attend my first Birth mom Meet up. Such an incredible experience. Made me even more excited to be able to attend my first Adoption retreat which happens to be a cruise to the Catalina Islands and Mexico.

Then on September 21 at 2:06 am, We welcomed Harlie Arianna Albertson to our family. 

 Harlie's birth was perfect. However shortly after we learned that Harlie had a hole in her heart. The septal wall separating her ventricles. She is being monitored through Primary Children's Hospital, and things are looking good. We are pretty sure her heart is healing on it's own. :)

Shortly followed by My and Tavis' 4th wedding anniversary on Sept 26th. We were glad to just spend it relaxing at home.

In October we celebrated my 25th birthday at my sister Jenn's house with her and her hubby, and our friends Brandon and Ceason Elder. It was one of the best.

Unfortunately I didn't start my 25th year on the right foot, cause within 24 hours I had a seizure for the first time in the middle of Wal-mart. We are still waiting on testing for that but we shall see. :)

Then came the holidays!

Halloween was a lot of fun even though both girls were sick. My mother in law did such a great job making the girls costumes.

On November 17th we had Harlie Blessed.

We enjoyed Thanksgiving the day before because I had to work. We invited my parents to join us to eat. It was a great day. Peyton and I made a gingerbread house, and Harlie slept. :)

In December I began working for BIB. A Birth Mom Community, I am so excited and blessed to have been given this opportunity and can't wait to see what it holds for me.

We celebrated Peyton's Birthday on the 14th. Tavis and I took her swimming at the new Rec. Center, Then home for Cake, Ice Cream and Presents with Grandma Chestnut, Grandpa Albertson, and Uncle Tylan.

We were extremely blessed for Christmas. I was able to get a Christmas bonus from work, and we had two secret santas door bell ditch us with gifts for the girls. Peyton loved getting gifts. I can't believe she turned 3 this year. Time goes by so fast.

Which brings us round to New Years Eve this year. 
We spent it at home with our traditional Chinese take out. Peyton didn't quite make it to midnight, and I was cuddling with Harlie. I am excited to see what this year brings. :)

Happy New Year from Peyton and Harlie!

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