DAY TWENTY-EIGHT:: Happy Thanksgiving

Everyday I truly feel blessed for the life I have been given. It has had it's ups and downs, and I have trudged through many trials, but through all of that, I am Alive!

I am thankful for the trials that have put me where I am today. I am thankful for the good times that remind me how much I have been blessed. I am thankful for God, cause I know he is in control. I know he put me through these trials because he knows I can handle them, and he has a plan.

Every morning I get up and think to myself, the fact alone that I am living is a blessing. That I can carry a child in my womb for a healthy 40 weeks is a blessing. That I have a job, to provide for my family is a blessing. That I have the love and support from an amazing partner is a blessing. That I have access to clean water, power, heat, and public transportation is a blessing. My life is a blessing.

I am thankful.

This is the song I walked down the aisle to, when I married Tavis. It totally applies to my life. Bless the broken road that lead me here today.

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