DAY SIX:: Peyton RaeLynn

Today I am thankful for Peyton, My beautiful oldest daughter. Today she taught me patience and unselfishness, and for that I am thankful. She has so much energy these days and is learning so much. She has these weird quirks, for example: she repeats something until you acknowledge what she is saying. Like she will point at a picture of a baby and say, "Baby. Yep, it's a baby. It's a baby. Baby." and this is something she does with everything. It taught me patience today, cause has annoying has that is, she is learning and she wants to know she is doing something right, and I just need to be patient with her.

She has become such a good big sister. She love giving Harlie kisses, and tries to help us when Harlie is crying. Yesterday she sat by Harlie while I had her doing tummy time, and for the full 15 minutes she just sat there and talked to her. It was so cute and loving. I love her so much and daily she amazes me with how much she grows.

She has the most beautiful long blonde hair and light brown eyes, and looks so much like I did when I was little. She did however inherit her daddy's height, because for being only almost 3, she is already 3' 2", making her only 2 feet shorter than me.

Peyton I love you so much, and am so glad I am your mom.

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