DAY SEVEN:: Darren Albertson (Tav's dad)

So after working a ten hour day yesterday, I basically came home, ate a cup noodles, and crashed so day seven is being posted this morning. The reason I am thankful for Darren is because he is also always there if we need help. Tavis and I don't have a car, so I usually take a bus to get to and from work.(and other places) The problem with the bus I take when getting to and from the clinic is it only comes every hour, So if I don't get off right at 5:00, I miss my bus home. Yesterday was such a case. I was so grateful that I was able to call Darren so I didn't have to wait another hour for a 30 minute bus ride home.

My dad isn't really there anymore and hasn't been for a while. I have some anger at him, but I also pity him. Darren has basically taken that role to me. I am thankful I can go to him and get advice, and he doesn't judge us. He is also an amazing grandpa to our girls. Thank you Darren for all you do.

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