I believe strongly in the grace of God.
I am not a good christian by any means. I will admit I am a horrible sinner, but I believe that God is love and he forgives.
Today I am thankful for my faith. It has gotten me through some serious trials, and brought me to my amazing husband. Today we had Harlie blessed.
I am not like most people around me, I am not an active member of the LDS religion. I actually prefer to be non denominational. I believe the reason there are so many religions that revolve around the bible is because no one is exactly the same, we do not all learn the same, and we all need to find him in our own way. After being raised LDS for 17 years, I left it very abruptly after being treated in a very un christian way. A few years later I found The Rock Church, and I learned more about God and my relationship with him in the 3 months I was there, than I ever did in the 17 years I was LDS, but that was me. I know plenty of people who have found that relationship and been happy in the LDS faith. That is why I will not force my children into religion. They will be free to find themselves. I will have Christianity in my home, but they can find and build that relationship how they need. So I will introduce them to the different places of worship. Right now the only two I know of and go to are LDS and TRC.

That is why I had Harlie blessed today. Just like I had Peyton blessed when she was 4 months old. I find it an important milestone in their life. It was a beautiful blessing given by her Grandpa Albertson and Uncle Trevon.

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