DAY SIXTEEN:: Assistance

Has winter is starting to set in (today being a cold and slushie day) I am thankful for the assistance programs available to help me and my family. I have been working 2 jobs (or a job and school) for 4 years now. It has never been enough. Neither job offering full time or wages sufficient enough to support me and my family. Being the only steady income for my family is rough and honestly embarrassing.

I see so many of my friends on Facebook bash those on Medicaid and food stamps. It hurts and makes me feel guilty, but honestly if these programs weren't available I don't know where my family would be. We have been on food stamps and medicaid on and off for 4 years, and I am thankful that if my girls are sick I can take them to the doctor and I am able to keep food in my fridge for Peyton. I have also been on housing assistance for about a year and a half, so i'm thankful for them and that we were able to get on that program so I can keep a rough over our heads. All my income combined barely covers our essential bills (power, gas, rent, and internet), but then we don't have a car so I also have to pay about $20 a week to get to and from work. None of that including the diapers and wipes and other things we have to buy on a regular basis. So if these programs weren't available I don't know where we would be.

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