DAY NINE:: Gary Proctor/ Matt Thompson

Today I am thankful for Gary. Gary is Tavis' boss with Stamped Asphalt. Tavis first started working for Gary in September 2010. I was pregnant with Peyton, and the job came just in the nick of time cause I was being laid off from my job. This job is seasonal and relies on good weather so sometimes jobs are far apart. I am thankful today because Tavis got called for a job today. It has been almost two months since the last one and It has come just in time. I'm thankful because Gary always calls Tavis first for work. I'm thankful because he understands Tav's social anxiety and they work well together. Gary is such a great employer and takes care of his people.

This I guess should include Matt Thompson. Sometimes you have to go to the beginning and be thankful for the path that lead you to what you are thankful for.

Matt is one of Tavis' best friends, and it was because of Matt that Tavis got the job with Gary in the first place. Matt has always been a really great friend to Tavis. I'm thankful that he has been there for him and been a good friend.

Thank you.

(don't have a picture of Gary)

Here is Matt at our wedding. :)

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