DAY FIVE:: Megan

Today I am thankful for wonderful friendships. I will share more friends i'm blessed by throughout the month but today I am thankful for Megan. I was in desperate need of a picture of Peyton and Harlie together. So in a pinch I asked Megan if she had one from the newborn shoot she did of Harlie several weeks ago. Unfortunately she didn't, but she was so kind and amazing enough to come down to take the few quick pics for me to get one. She is such a great photographer and has taken some great pics for us. I blessed and so grateful when she volunteered to be our plan B photographer when Harlie was being born because she came in need.

I first met Megan in high school through the drama dept. but I believe she was more my little sisters friend than my own at that time. We were just acquaintances I guess you could say. I think the moment we really started to be friends was when I talked to her at my little sisters marriage sealing reception in 2010. I have loved our chats and the times we have hung out. Her husband and little girl are amazing has well.

Thank you Megan for all your help and your advice. I'm thankful for our friendship.

Megan and I at her baby shower - February 2011

Peyton's 1 month pics

A family pic - September 2013

Peyton and I

Peyton - 2 1/2 years old

Harlies newborns - September 2013

Me and My beautiful girls

Peyton and Harlie 

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