DAY FIFTEEN:: Daxton Cameron

Today is a special day. Today I am thankful for two people. The first an unlikely person, the second an obvious.

I am thankful to my first love, Clint. I met Clint in April 2005. He went to a different school than I did and it was entirely random and chance. It's weird I can still remember all the little details of the first time we met. We dated for 10 months, and I truly thought we would be together forever. When we broke up, I was heartbroken. He will always hold a special place in my heart, because we will always be connected.

17 weeks after we broke up, I found out I was 18 weeks pregnant. It is for that reason I am thankful to him. He blessed me with Daxton, and put me on the path that would lead me to find Tavis and have my beautiful girls.

I am so thankful to Daxton. 7 years ago today, I gave birth to this beautiful 19 inch, 6lb 11oz, little boy. Placing him in an adoption was one of the strongest things I have ever done. I can't say it was the hardest thing, I mean I used to say placing him was the hardest decision, but over the last year I have come to learn that placing him was an easy decision, very trying, but I always knew that placing him was the best thing I could have done, it was the right thing to do.

Placing Daxton was the fork in the road of my future. If I had kept, I would probably not have the life I have now. Actually I'm sure of it. It is all because of Daxton I am who I am. He is what has motivated me in life. Him and now my girls.

I am thankful I choose life for him, and that I choose a better life for him.

I love you Daxton so much, and I am so thankful you were born.

Daxton Cameron
Daxton and Clint
Daxton and I on his 1st birthday
Daxton about 18 months old
Daxton on his 2nd Birthday

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