DAY FOUR:: My Sister Jenn

Today, I am thankful for my older sister Jenn.
After receiving really great news today, after telling Tavis she was the first person I told. So I realized that today she is who I am thankful for.
Growing up we weren't exactly that close, in fact we probably barely knew each other. Jenn is 6 1/2 years older than me. So for most of what I can remember she was barely around. I think we really started to get close around the time she had her oldest, and even closer when she moved to North Carolina. I had gotten my first real boyfriend, I was 16 at the time. We would call and email often, I would ask her everything. The real turning point was when I found out I was pregnant at 17. She was there for me. I flew out to NC and lived with her for the summer, so I get my head straight and figure out what I was going to do about this trial I had been given. Back home in Utah, I had horrible influences and bad support system, so I was glad to have Jenn there to nod and smile with whatever choice I was fighting with. After I had Daxton Jenn continued to support me and be there for me. It had been really rough though because the day after I had Daxton, she gave birth to her second little boy. So I had be spending time with her and look at him and think I wonder if Dax is learning this too. After a while it got less painful and I was glad to have her.
Jenn was always such a big support for me. She has always encouraged me to fight for my dreams and has been there during my triumphs. She was the only member of my Bio family to come to both my High school and College graduation. On Christmas day when I told her I was going into labor with my daughter, she left her house to come and be there for me. Then when I was having my second daughter she stayed through the night to be there for me again. When ever I am having a rough day, I know I can call on her and she will talk some sense to me. I admire and love her for so many reasons. I am so extremely thankful to have her to look up to. Love you Sis. Thank you for being in my life. :)

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