DAY EIGHT:: My job/education

Once again I have to post this the next morning because of work, but thats what I am thankful for. Yesterday I picked up a shift at the urgent care clinic I work at. It was a night shift so I didn't get home until 10pm, and I immediately crashed.

I am thankful for this job, even with how much it frustrates me because without it I would not be able to support my family the way I do.

It was a very spur of the moment decision to go to college to get a degree in Medical Assisting. Literally, I went to the college to talk to a ward member about what I would need to do to go to school to get a license in event coordinating and he was all like you could get more money for living expenses if you do our MA program instead. Being the only source of income, to go to school thats something I would need. So I said ok, and the next thing I know I'm registered and starting school the next day. I am thankful to Lora and Melissa, my teachers at Ameritech, and I'm thankful for all my friends I made there.

When I began my externship has part of my course to get my degree, that was a blessing has well. I went with a friend to her interview and was waiting in the car when she comes out and says they want me to come in and interview has well. So I go in and got a position has an extern. Then has I was finishing my externship the Physician I was working for pulled me aside, and asked what my plans were when I finished. I told him I wasn't sure cause all the jobs I was finding were in Salt Lake county and I couldn't travel that far for work. That is when he offered me a position at the clinic has an employee. Over the year I have become extremely thankful to Barry, Dave and Beatriz for teaching me so much. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have had to work there.

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