Today I am thankful for my friend Bryn.

I first met Bryn in high school nearly ten years ago. She was my first friend at Mountain View, even though I was a sophomore and she was a senior. I am thankful for her friendship all those years ago. Taking me under her wing, becoming a mentor to me, and introducing me to so much life and other great friends. She was one of the true friends who stuck by me during my pregnancy and placement. So many good memories spent with her.

Today I am thankful to her because even though we haven't hung out in forever, and we hardly talk anymore, she came to my rescue. I was in need of a ride home from work, needing to get home faster than the bus would take me. She answered my public plea, taking time out of her busy evening to come and help me out. To me that shows a sign of true lasting friendship. I wish I could return the favor.

I have been blessed by our friendship and i'm thankful I can still call you a friend. You are such an amazing and kind woman. Thank you Bryn. :)

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