Today I am thankful for adoption.

A few months ago I posted about my relationship with adoption.

Nearly 7 years ago I choose life for my son. I choose adoption. I am so thankful to his adoptive parents, for opening their hearts and home. I am thankful to them for giving him the life he has, a life I would have never been able to provide for him.

I am thankful that through social media I have been able to now know my half sister who is ten years older than me and was placed for adoption. She was given a chance and is one of the strongest women I know.

I am thankful to Mette Nielson. She was one of my very first friends in high school and has remained to be my best friend and like a big sister to me. Mette was adopted, and when I was going through my placement. I was extremely thankful for her advice and for staying by me. I Love you Mette!

I am thankful to Valerie Griffiths. I met Valerie almost 2 years ago at Ameritech. She has been such a great friend to me. I am thankful for her adoption and giving her a better life. She is so strong. Love you Valerie!

I am thankful for the strong women around me. The ones waiting patiently for the chance to be moms, and the ones making the biggest sacrifice, showing unbelievable strength, the birth moms.

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