DAY TWELVE:: Ashley Mitchell/BTG

This morning I got the pleasure of hanging out with Ashley. She is an amazing woman and leader of a wonderful adoption organization that I now have the pleasure of working with.

I am thankful to Ashley for starting Blessings in a Basket and the BTG (big tough girl) support group. I first met her about this time a year ago, when I shared my adoption story on the blog Smitten By. It was amazing and eye opening. I had gone the last 6 years battling my emotions and riding out my adoption journey alone, not knowing there were groups and pages like this out there. It has been the most amazing year, learning so much and coming to peace with my journey.

Ashley is such a strong, caring, and beautiful person. She gives so much. I am excited to be helping her in what little way I can. Thank you Ashley for all you do. You are an inspiration and a hero.

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