I love adoption! Because of adoption a little boy has a beautiful and wonderful life!
In November 2012 I took a huge leap of faith and shared a short bit of my adoption story on a blog called SmittenBy. Daxton was almost 6 years old and although I had shared my story with those close to me, I rarely got into the details and shared my story. I can't believe how therapeutic and relieving it was to open myself up like that. Now I love sharing my story, I love knowing that maybe someone else can learn or heal from my story.
When I shared my story I was surprised by all the love and support that was commented. One person stuck out to me and I searched for her and befriended her on Facebook. That is when I found out she was the founder of a beautiful non profit organization called Blessings in a Basket, and that she had a private support group just for birth-moms in life after placement. I wasn't alone any longer. After almost 6 years of battling my emotions with those who just didn't understand, I finally had a place where others would know and understand. I grew and healed so much in the following year.
In November 2013, a year later, Ashley was looking for a personal assistant someone to help out with some of the business side of things. I felt in my heart that I should offer my help to her. So I started helping her and this group and if I could I would do it all the time. I love the opportunity to help this organization, Bring awareness and educate about adoption, support and love any one in the triad going through this situation.
After the amazing cruise retreat I was blessed with the opportunity to become the board secretary for BIB. This is such a blessing, and I just thank Ashley and all the others for believing in me. I can't wait to help this group grow and share and love! I am so excited!

Sarah (board member), Myself, Ashley (Board President)

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