Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Tavis!!!

6 years ago on Tav's 21st birthday we officially hung out for the first time. I was called up by one of our mutual friends to come hang out for his birthday. So she picked me up and we went to get him. We met up with some other mutual friends at FatCats where we played pool for a bit. Then afterward we went to McD's. I kept wanting to go get him a cake but it never happened. After eating has we were getting to go our seperate ways, I asked him for his phone number. He didn't have a phone so I pulled out a sharpie and was going to write it on his hand when he handed me his canvas wallet so I wrote it on that. He still has that wallet. :)

If you look really closely in the bottom left corner you can kinda see where I wrote it.

After having Peyton has is tradition I take a picture of Tavis and her, This year we added Harlie. :)
Tavis and Peyton 2011

Tavis and Peyton 2012

I can't find the pic from 2013 :(

Tavis, Peyton and Harlie 2014
Looking forward to many more birthdays with you!

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